PT NGK Busi Indonesia, as a joint venture company between NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd. and PT. Pendawa Sempurna, was established in 1977 and started production commercially was in 1978. As the manufacturer and brand holder of NGK spark plugs in Indonesia, PT NGK Busi Indonesia is continually innovating the spark plug technology and developing the innovation change on the details as well, which continuously applied by the experienced team.

Beside spark plug, PT. Busi Indonesia also produces plug cap, the other supporting device for motorcycle engines. NGK plug cap is already used by variety of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as the original spare parts from main motorcycle manufacturer in Indonesia.

As the great achievement, PT NGK Busi Indonesia just celebrated the 500th million spark plug on July 2011. We would like to thanks to NGK customer, within 34 years of experience all the customer’s needs is our most priority. We hope, PT NGK Busi Indonesia could deliver the best product and provide the latest technology on the spark plug market in Indonesia.